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CRYSTAL SECRETS REVEALED! A Cohesive Look at the Scientific Relevance of the Importance of Crystals

I've been long searching for words, explainations, brief presentations about the intersections of traditional science, physics & so-called meta-physics.

Nicholas Pearson's science-based-intuitive insights on this very co-mingling subject is precisely what I wish I could express! This is a perfectly understandable and elegantly organized presentation.

It's an hour long and I know that's a lotta time these days, but please trust me when I say, If you like crystals, this is worth a watch! You will have to copy the link below and paste it your browser in order to view the video. You can always fast forward to approx 3 mins in to bypass the into. Hope you find it as elucidating as I did. Enjoy!


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1 Comment

Aug 13, 2023

Wow! 💎's R endlessly fascinating! Thanks!

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