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Meet Dave & Lisa


We are avid collectors and diggers of Rocks. Our casual mining adventures over the years took us to locations across the country; We've mined Topaz and Emeralds in North Carolina. Quartz clusters in Arkansas, Herkimer Diamonds in Central NY. Our travels also included yearly trips to Colorado and Tucson to attend the largest Gem & Mineral Tradeshows, where we've bought, sold and traded our goods. Our Extensive Collection consists of carefully hand selected specimens from around the world! We also operate a small lapidary workshop for cutting and polishing stones. Please Note: We are not professional gemologists or mineralogists. Nor are we experts in the metaphysical properties of stones and crystals. As such, you will find little, if any, information regarding those topics on our site. There are many informative sites out there to explore those areas and we encourage you to seek them out if you wish to expand your knowledge on crystals and minerals. 

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Rock On Feel Good

Much Love & Many Blessings,

Dave & Lisa

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Dave Vasi

Dave Vasi

Vasi Is As Vasi Does

Dave, known mostly as 'Vasi' is a creative woodworker, painter, rock collector who has actually traveled All Over The World. A childhood Herkimer Diamond Miner turned High Steel Rigger, Dave has toured with such bands as, N'sync, Metallica, Genesis, AC/DC, Rodger Waters, The Rolling Stones. He has lived in a log cabin atop Mt. Lemon, Tucson AZ. He Knows Rocks!

Lisa Vitrano

Lisa Vitrano

Thunderbird Will Fly

Lisa, a Buffalo, NY native, is a local award winning Actor and Theatre Professional since 1993. Her true loves lies far above our heads into The Cosmos and beneath the ground in the form of Crystals, Minerals & Fossils. When not studying to be someone else & assembling beads into necklace form, she reads above her pay grade and secretly wishes she were a poet philosopher physicist.

Pow Wow Pup

Pow Wow

Ball Day, Ball Night

Pow Wow, a Chihuahua / Blue Heeler mix, is our esteemed office manager and head of quality control. We adopted her as a 4 week old pup while vending at the 40th Annual Pow Wow, Gem & Mineral Show in Quartzite, AZ in 2009. She's been an invaluable member of our pack ever since. Pow Wow's other duties including chasing ball, taking Lisa on long walks, protecting our home and basking in the sun.

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Feel Good Rocks

Dave Vasi & Lisa Vitrano

576 Parkside Ave

Buffalo, NY 14216

(716) 400-3626

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Feel Good Rocks
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